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Release Date
H1 2022


Paintball is quite fun, and school is no fun… obviously! But what if you could turn the boring, gray college hallways into a color-filled labirynth of pure bliss?

Grab your paintball gun to wreak havoc with your friends and relatives in the vast college school complex. It’s a great VR time for everyone regardless of their age! Play with your mom, dad, grandpa, or even your pet if you manage to make him grow thumbs and use the controller. Have top-quality family time by taking part in the non-violent colorful battles. Have we colored you interested?

Going back to college might be a difficult experience, but you can make it much more vivid with a paintball gun in your hands! POW POW: Dye it Up! has some nerve to paint the school with fun. The game offers a complete paintball zone-turned college full of classrooms, hallways, offices, and much more with a large gymnasium where you can run, hide and barricade yourself in. There’s also a lot of secrets to be found, and nooks and crannies to be explored. The whole school is at your disposal to play in one of four different game modes – It’s not just Battle Royale. Sometimes you just have to give that wedgie in ‘Capture the Panties’ mode or show off your new pillowcase in a ‘Pillow Fight’. Maybe you’d rather defend the ‘Blanket Fort’ or just play a round of good old fashioned Splashmatch? Or maybe chill in a student’s lounge with your homies?


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